Cat hair is my nemesis!!

You know what I’m talking about, cat owners!!  I seriously do everything I can NOT to have a daily mental breakdown over this subject!  I have 2 beautiful, wonderful, well-behaved (lol), sweet, extremely adored cats, and I wouldn’t get rid of them for the world!!  I like it that they are hairy and soft and they look so precious!!  What I don’t like it the fact that said fur comes OFF…EVERYWHERE!!!!  I just wish it wouldn’t.  I wish that SSOOO BAD!!  We have Kitty; a black, long haired cat, who ironically doesn’t shed as much as her white, short haired sister, Roxy.  So, I vacuum, use lint rollers, masking tape, and wet my hand or a rag and wipe (SN:i have dark brown, cloth furniture and a dark brown comforter on my bed).  I’m fanatical while doing this, again trying not to lose my sh*T,  and all the while thinking to myself, “imagine how nice the furniture is going to look once you get all the hair off!”  I finish.  It’s NOT perfect, AT ALL, but looks so much better than before I started.  AAAAHHHHH….peace in the home again!    So then I move about my home doing other things, go run errands, etc etc.  Later on I come back to sit on the couch or go to bed and BAMMMm……..CAT HAIR AGAIN!!! What the heck is this…Groundhog Day???  Oh man..I want to throw something, I want to smash china, I want to close my eyes and be oblivious to these monsters who torment me with their flippant fur everywhere!!  They lay there on the floor, all spread out every which way.  Not a care in the world!!!  What to do?  Who can help??  I’d love suggestions from my fellow cat owners as to how you manage this dreadful, insane, and never-ending bother!  🙂